Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday, Adrian Peterson Auto coming on Thursday

As expected for today's Super Tuesday on etopps, the Allen and Ginter Presidential Candidate set is now being offered and only today. Each print run is 999 and they all cost $8 except from Mitt Romney who's card is $6. What they should have done was charge more for Romney but have a print run less than the others.

I ordered all but Romney and wouldn't expect much of a shipping deal for the set since etopps would have posted this by now on the home page or in the email that went out to etoppers recently.

Better news is the current autograph offering: Adrian Peterson. Etoppers have been waiting for this one. 195 will be offered at $99 each on Thursday at 1pm EST. You can buy up to two per etopps account which is not bad.

When this offering first showed up on the homepage late yesterday morning, I ordered two from cardtarget not seeing when it would be offered. On the homepage, it said it would be offered on 2/4/08 at 1pm est. I called customer service to verify this and they said this was a mistake. Not long ago this would not have been a mistake. At one time, etoppers had no idea what would show up on the homepage for each week's IPO or what would be in the rewards catalog. Actually, there's just a hint of what's available in each catalog offering still.

When looking at the stats for his autograph, none have sold on ebay in the last month with a quantity of 200. I tried other numbers like 150, 175, 100 and 199. These ended around the mid $100s: $140, $160 and $175. It looks like this autograph is a winner to re-sell on ebay on the flip. Only way this could sell better than mid-$100s is fewer offerings or (preferrably) serialize each card for the autograph though this may be confusing since the total print run is already serialized.

Buy two if you haven't already on cardtarget and be ready for a quick sell-out even at 195 available. I wouldn't be surprised if it sells out within five minutes.

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