Monday, November 10, 2008

Autograph Offering: Brady Quinn

Without a doubt, this autograph is probably one of the best timed offering you could ask from etopps.

It would be hard to believe Mark had planned Quinn for this week.

It's the opposite of what has been the case for the 2007 rookie auto offerings: players who either never reached their hype and in their second year weren't reaching it either or players who had been hyped last year and we missed this boat because we had to wait until this football season.

This is the perfect opportunity so enjoy riding this wave. I'm sure there has been a spike of Quinn cards (and autos) since Thursday's game against Denver.

So a week after his debut as the Browns' starting quarterback, etopps will offer 100 at $59.99 each.

As of this writing, when you type in 2007 Brady Quinn auto on ebay, there are 132 listings, the high being a 2007 Upper Deck Exquisite Gold 2-color patch auto # to 25 and has an asking price of $2999.99 or best offer.

While this is fine and dandy, I added /100 to the search and looked at the completed listings. In the last two weeks, four were listed and only two of these sold: one for $50 and another for $85.

For more data, I replaced /100 to /99 and this gave me 12 completed listings and 7 of these sold ranging from $47 (Trilogy Signature Future) to $374.99 (Upper Deck Exquisite Patch). (FYI: 4 listings in between these two were BGS graded).

So what to do? Buy it. You may do better with a pre-sell if Quinn tanks against Buffalo on Monday night or you may be better if Quinn continues to make a difference for the Browns by the time the Big Brown truck gives you your Browns auto (couldn't resist).

So for the secondary market, your timing of your listing may determine if you will make a decent profit or an awesome profit.

Nevertheless, hats off to etopps for choosing Quinn this week, a no-brainer.

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