Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Autograph Offering: 2008 Jay Bruce

On the last day of this month, etopps will offer 200 signed 2008 Jay Bruce cards at $39.99 a pop.

Before evaluating the value of this auto via ebay sales, the one thing about this offering that sticks out came from etopps email about the offering. Only 1 auto is allowed per order. Had I guessed beforehand, I would have assumed there would have been 3 allowed per order. I honestly cannot recall when was the last time there was this restriction.

Either this was a mistake or it's a reaction to the demand for the Longoria auto that sold out in minutes and sold $200 higher on ebay on the same day.

Besides all of this, at a penny less than $40 for a 1 of 200 autograph is a reasonable deal but you may be able to get a better deal on ebay if you're concerned about numbers such as quantity of autographs and price. There aren't that many /200 autos that have shown up on ebay recently. And of course there is a plethora of sticker autos that do not have the same appeal/demand/value as an on-the-card signature.

Bottom line: I would not expect the card to sell much higher than what etopps is asking. In other words, it's a weak flip on the secondary market unless there are etopps buyers who have been waiting since last year for this card to be offered. And since there will be 200 lucky buyers of this auto, some of these Jay Bruce fans are bound to buy it and will not have to depend on ebay to purchase it.

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