Thursday, January 7, 2010

Autograph Offering: John Elway Allen & Ginter Super Bowl Champs

It's nice to see another football autograph offering from etopps, and even nicer to have another Allen & Ginter Super Bowl Champions offering from the first set. It wasn't as if this set needed a boost. The value of this set has skyrocketed in the past year. The John Elway card was already at $50 before this offering was posted yesterday on the etopps home page.

This offering would have been a nice belated Christmas present if it had been offered 3 weeks ago, giving us a chance to have it shipped before the upcoming Super Bowl.

The autograph is being offered tomorrow at 3PM EST for $79.99 a pop and only one can be bought per account for a total of 50 being available.

While the last autograph did not sell out immediately due to IT problems on Christmas Eve, this one should not have a problem.

What I also like about autographs of retired players is their value will not diminish unless of course they did something that makes them look bad as we've seen with Tiger Woods and retired baseball players like Clemens. Since Elway is a top-notch person, I don't think you have much to worry about. There are a lot of Elway fans and this card with his autograph should make the die-hards drool at least a bit.

When doing a search on ebay for "Elway auto," I found 100 listings. That's quite a lot considering we're in the middle of the worst recession since World War II and unemployment is at 10% nationwide. There seems to be a lot of Elway fans selling and buying his autograph on cards whether it's on a jersey card, some other kind of auto card or a plain ol' sticker auto. Most of the ones shown in completed listings sell between $100 and $200.

Mostly likely this card will sell in this range on ebay. The first few will probably sell more but most likely you'll make a profit for a long time to come. It's a stead, solid investment and for an Elway fan, it's a solid buy for their collection and for drooling over.


Todd Uncommon said...

There's an added bonus that the 50 autos also make the overall population of this card go down by that amount.

There's no telling (at least right now) how many people took these in-hand when the shipping deal was going on for them (or later). That helps keep the relative availability in-port pretty low, and this auto will make it a bit less.

I took the first group of A&G Super Bowl Champs in-hand, so I have an Elway :), but not one I can use for getting an auto. :(

No Brainer Bargains said...

Agree. Taking 50 away from the total print run is always a nice bonus for those who have this card in port and don't want or cannot afford the auto.

Penny Auction said...


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