Thursday, February 4, 2010

Autograph Offering: Troy Aikman Allen & Ginter Super Bowl Champs

If the Super Bowl has become a ritual in America's culture, so has the preparations we make to see it on television each year.

In the media, we're already hearing about ads that are too controversial or are supposed to have the most buzz. The Who will perform during halftime. People are planning how they'll see the game and how they'll be entertaining at home.

The coolest preparation I've ever heard of for the Super Bowl came from an ebay buyer. More than 2 years ago, I sold a single-pack hobby box to a guy. When I shipped the box to him, I said in my email I wished him good luck in whatever he pulls.

To my surprise, he replied to my email. He told me throughout the year he buys packs and boxes of football cards and waits until the Super Bowl to open them, one at a time, throughout the game.

While the Super Bowl hype builds around us, etopps is offering its customers 25 chances to snag a coveted Troy Aikman Allen & Ginter Super Bowl autographed card tomorrow at 3PM EST for a mere $79.99.

Since Aikman is a recent Hall-of-Famer and lauded by fans of "American's Team," it will not be a surprise if this offering sells out within a minute or two after it becomes available.

Considering the 2007 IPOs of this set have all gone up in price and supply has dried up (the last in-port Aikman was listed a month ago, btw), there's an especially high demand for this, autographed or not.

And the autograph is a nice one. It's not "TA" with his jersey number and it's not squeezed on the card or smudged. It's done well if the scan that I placed in this post is any indication of what 25 lucky so-and-so's will be getting by mail.

Kudos first of all goes to etopps for offering this treat and the timing couldn't be better for Dallas, Super Bowl, Aikman, football or etopps autograph collecting fans.

I don't see this card having a problem selling on the secondary market if any of the 25 decide to sell it. Allen & Ginter cards are known for baseball so for regular cardboard collecting auto buyers, this could be a worthwhile investment.

A couple of things I saw on ebay. His auto holds more value when the card has something added to it whether it's a swatch of his jersey or there's another auto on the card. Both sell well on ebay. If I had a price, I would guess the auto could easily sell for $200 on ebay but I've been wrong plenty of times and I hate predicting.

Good luck if want to buy the card tomorrow. There will be plenty of unlucky etoppers tomorrow at 3:05pm. Hopefully you won't be one of them.

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