Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Autograph Offering: Colby Rasmus

It's been awhile since there was a baseball autograph offering on etopps. The last time I posted about one was June 3rd of last year for Justin Masterson. Just as the last one, this Rasmus is being offered at $29.99 with a maximum purchase of 1 per account.

A lot has happened with the economy between Masterson and tomorrow's offering at 3PM EST. One thing though remains clear: disposable income is not the way it used to be whether on ebay or not.

If you're getting this autograph as part of your collection or because it's a Restricted Rookie Offered card or because you like the Cardinals or Colby Rasmus, go for it. The price is reasonable and these cards, as you probably know, are one of the nicest-looking products in the hobby.

If you're looking to flip the card on ebay, you're taking a chance. The early bird gets the worm obviously but unless Rasmus has an amazing year, you may be better off waiting. If the Cardinals get into the playoffs and Rasmus stands out, then holding onto this autographed card could pay off.

From the looks of all of the ebay completed listings I review each week for this blog, newness pays off for an autograph but then the sales decline once the market gets oversaturated.

It's not even worth looking at how current Rasmus autograph listings have done since it's hard to compare etopps with traditional cardboard that are sticker autographs.

If it's worth the flip, the risk and the possibility of making some money off this card, go for it but you may be better off waiting. On the other hand if you're buying this as a part of your collection, etopps has started this year's baseball autograph season (if this is the start) with a nice choice.

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