Monday, June 14, 2010

Autograph Offering: 2009 Pablo Sandoval

It's tough to be excited about a burger if you can have steak just as it is tough to be excited about an autograph offering for Pablo Sandoval tomorrow afternoon while etopps is offering the IPO for Steve Strasburg this week. Let's face it, Pablo is so last season when he proved what he did during his rookie season was no fluke. The only thing that hurts this offering is it's not his "etopps rookie card." In his third season, he's kinda struggling compared to 2009.

Besides all this, how do the buyers of his autograph feel about his current stats compared to last year? Not so great. His auto probably sold better before the end of last season. Looking at the completed listings on ebay, a signed bat just sold for $50 and a signed baseball a little over $10 more than what etopps is offering for his autograph (96 total at $29.99 each).

If you are looking at this as investment to sell some day, hold onto it and see how he does. You can always have a great selling point: etopps autographs are signed right on the card rather than a sticker.

Otherwise, save your money and buy more Strasburg next week after it gets allocated for the same amount as this auto (if you can) and then you'll have an easier chance making more money later.

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