Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Autograph Offering: 2006 Josh Johnson

As a Mets fan, I envy what the Marlins ownership are doing with their team: getting more for less. With their ace pitcher Josh Johnson and shortstop Hanley Ramirez, they are a pesky team who have quality players who are underpaid starting from Josh Beckett to Miguel Cabrera.

Up for autograph tomorrow at 3PM EST is the Marlins' Josh Johnson.

94 of these autographs will be offered tomorrow, 54 too many in this blogger's estimation.

Other than Marlin and Josh Johnson and etopps auto fans, I'm really not sure who will buy these.

Considering etoppers' wallets are getting a little thin after so many weeks of baseball IPOs and right before football IPOs begin, I'll be surprised these sell-out.

A recent 2006 auto of Josh Johnson with a quantity of 50 went for $27.
While this one, quantity of 75, went for $42 and this one for $26

I don't think it's the best investment at this high quantity but the price may be the most attractive thing about this offering.


Todd Uncommon said...

Between this auto group (94), and the cards declared as "in-hand" on CT (23), that takes the number of portfolio-eligible cards down from 749 to no more than 632. Not bad.

Just wait until he's dealt from the Marlins, and there might be more interest in him and what will be legacy autos like this one.

Derek said...

Good point, Todd. He'll have more interest once he's dealt from the Marlins. And 632 is a better number than 749.