Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Marketwatch - October 22

As of October 22nd, the following are stats covering the last 7 days on ebay for etopps in-hands:

Highest Single Card Sale: 2009 T-206 Honus Wagner, $94.05
Highest Multi-Card Sale: 2008 Allen & Ginter Yankee Stadium Tribute Set, $80
Highest Graded Sale: 2007 Kevin Durant BGS 9.5, $59.98
Highest Non-Graded Autograph Sale: 2007 CTNW Nolan Ryan, $88.78
Highest Graded Autograph Sale: 2007 Adrian Peterson BGS 9.5/10, $289.99

Other best sellers:

* 2005 Jay Cutler
* 2009 T-206 Honus Wagner
* 2010 T-206 Albert Pujols
* 2001 J.R. Redmond

In-hand listing (not including graded or autographed) that received most bids that sold well: 2001 J.R. Redmond, 14 bids

Listings with false print-runs included in title: 0
Number of sellers listing false print-runs: N/A


Anonymous said...

You need to recheck the selling price on that Honus Wagner T-206 card. I am the seller and I got about half that.

No Brainer Bargains said...

Which? The one that sold for $94.05 or $51.99?

Anonymous said...

Nevermind, I didn't realize there were two sold. Mine went for the $51.99.