Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Marketwatch - February 25

As of February 25th, the following are stats covering the last 7 days on ebay for etopps in-hands:

Highest Single Card Sale: 2008 Allen & Ginter Presidential Candidates Barack Obama, $48
Highest Multi-Card Sale: Classic Football Lot of 2 Walter Payton, $12.54
Highest Graded Sale: 2001 Albert Pujols, BGS 9.5, $140
Highest Non-Graded Autograph Sale: Classic Baseball Willie Mays, $152.51
Highest Graded Autograph Sale: None

Other best sellers:

* 2007 Kevin Durant
* 2007 Tim Lincecum
* 2001 Ichiro
* 2009 Adrian Gonzalez

In-hand listing (not including graded or autographed) that received most bids that sold well: (tie) 2003 LeBron James, Allen & Ginter Presidential Candidates Barack Obama: 27 bids

Listings with false print-runs included in title:3
Number of sellers listing false print-runs: 1 (hagglers_antiques), 2 (dbbd_collectibles)

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