Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Alex Gordon Autograph: Strong Buy

Based on the autograph offering of Alex Gordon that's posted on the etopps homepage, it looks like we can expect more baseball autograph offerings. In last month's Q&A, Mark Sapir acknowledged with a capital "yes" that we should expect more 2007 Baseball rookie autograph offerings.

The Alex Gordon autograph is being offered on Thursday (3/6) at 1pm. It will cost $39.99 and only 1 can be ordered per account. On ebay I did a search for the past 30 days for autographed Alex Gordon cards that had a total quantity of 99:

19 Listed
Sell-through: 84%
Average price: $52.94
Highest Sale: $120 (2007 Upper Deck Black Auto Patch Flag /99)
Lowest Sale: $21.16 (2007 Bowmans Best #30/99)

I would assume that the ones that sold the lowest were sticker autographs rather than on-the-card autographs which usually sell at a higher price. 11 of 19 of these listings sold at or below what etopps is charging for the autograph.

Nevertheless, I am optimistic that this will sell well above etopps' asking price:
  • It's the first baseball autograph offering
  • There's been a lag between this autograph offering and the last one
  • This is quite reasonable. If this was offered a few weeks into the season and Gordon got off to a good start, etopps could easily sell this for $99 and it would sell out


Anonymous said...

Not a huge autograph collector, but the price appears to be right on this one.

waxpaxmax said...

You can't compare etopps cards to regular issue cards. I.E. - You can buy a 07 Ryan Braun auto /40 for cheaper then his regular base etopps issue.

No Brainer Bargains said...

For waxpaxmax: if you can't compare an etopps in-hand card to regular issued cards (read cardboard), then what would you suggest being a better comparison? If an 07 Ryan Braun auto /40 goes for less than his regular base etopps card it means to me that this auto is most likely signed first on a sticker and slapped on the card and it also means his auto is oversaturating the market, especially if there are other autos circulating that are on-the-card or have a smaller total than 40.

waxpaxmax said...

The card I had purchased was a card signed exquisite /25 and it was just released a couple of months ago. I paid 26.00 for it while his non-auto'd etopps card was selling for 28.00. Are you telling me it is better to buy a non autographed card with a higher print run then to buy an autographed card of the same player with a lower print run?

waxpaxmax said...

...Not to get entirely off the subject, I am just one to believe that etopps collector's and cardboard collector's are two different types of buyers. I am amazed at some of the prices some etopps go for. It wasn't that long ago when people were paying $900 for a Tony Banks card just because there was under 300 of them. I believe etopps should consider marketing towards cardboard buyers more frequent in order to build a stronger demand for the product. I will say this,Etopps is a great concept and the program does have a lot of potential.

No Brainer Bargains said...

It seems like you got that Exquisite A. Gordon auto /25 for a steal. Though if you bought it 2 months ago at the height of football playoffs, steals can be had for baseball. Sad that such a high-end product like Exquisite would release 07 Baseball at this time...almost as bad as etopps making each season's cards deliverable After the season is over due to the printing timetables. If A. Gordon's card was at $28 in January (in-port, I assume), I can only presume that an accumulation or a pump-and-dump was in progress. There are flukes in which a card sells way more than it should as you probably know; it's as much of a fluke as getting a card for a steal whether etopps or any other card brand out there.

Tony Banks was significant not because it was the short print (186, I believe) of etopps but because someone bought the majority of them and controlled the market, causing many other etoppers in 2002 and later to try the same with other cards. A few succeeded at this while many failed.

I agree with you that etopps has a lot of potential which is why some of us have stuck it out for so long and why others consider these cards still as an "investment." I think etopps is trying to appeal to cardboard collectors through the Allen & Ginter sets and I think it is working.