Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Now Critiquing Ebay In-Hand Listings

Before I begin a series of postings about listing in-hands on ebay, I want to offer the following to this readership: if you sell in-hands on ebay and would like to have one of your in-hand listings critiqued, please email me ( The critique will consist of the following sections:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Quality of the photo of the in-hand (if included)
  • Pricing: Starting Bid or Fixed Price and Shipping Charge
  • Total Grade
Each section will receive a letter grade. There will also be a Total Grade which will incorporate the grades of the specifics of the listing as well as the overall quality of the listing.

The only restriction I have to this is when the listing you want critiqued will end. It must have at least 3 days remaining from the time you email me.

What I haven't decided yet is whether to incorporate these critiques into future blog entries or provide separate entries for each critique. I think this may depend on how many I receive.


Anonymous said...

So can we send you listings we think deserve a certain grade in order to point them out (good or bad) or do you offer grades only from those who put up auctions?

No Brainer Bargains said...

As tempting as it is to send listings you think deserve a certain grade, I would prefer to critique a listing that is offered by the originator. I don't want to seem like a malicious school teacher looking to flunk anyone. I'm offering this to help the seller make a better sale.