Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No Listing or Final Value Fees For Items Under $25

Can you imagine not paying any listing or final value fees for an auction or fixed price listing that ends under $25?

No upgrade fees, buy-it-now fees or additional picture fees.

On the same site, what if you could list your in-hands under an etopps categories like Event or Allen & Ginter?

Enter the WantItGotItExchange or

There are a lot of different ways to be involved on the site. It takes a web 2.0 approach to its members.

Two months ago, I applied to become what Wigix calls a "category expert" for etopps in-hand cards. After some back and forth by email, I finally got the approval yesterday.

To make myself as transparent as possible with this site, the banner in the top right corner and the word Wigix in the secondary market links or linked to my account for referrals. I'm sure either I will get either some kind of wigix "points" or pennies for this.

The so-called "perks" of being a CE is (1) any etopps in-hand listing will need my approval and (2) I will receive a whopping 1% revenue from the final sale of all etopps in-hand listings.

Needless to say, I won't be quitting my day job over this 1%. But more importantly, I will have a say about whether or not an in-hand listing that has the words "1 of 1" or "1/1" in the title or some other "fuzzy math" fraction in it will appear.

As a "CE," I can create subcategories (or "taxonomy") for etopps in-hands to make finding the cards to list and (and to buy) easier. Right now, Wigix has added etopps only under baseball cards. I am in the process of getting Wigix to provide etopps categories under other sports card categories. Right now they are still "under construction" for the basketball, hockey and NASCAR categories.

I submitted a bunch of baseball subcategories under etopps for approval so, for example, if you wanted to list a 2005 Yankees team card, you would go here:

all categories>sports memorabilia, cards and fan shop>baseball>etopps>2005>Teams

I have also included Allen and Ginter under etopps so there can be subcategories for Presidents, Presidential Candidates, Milestones and Moments (and later on, Yankee Stadium).

I've even added categories for NSCC - hotboxes and promo.

I will provide updates for subcategories and when etopps will be added to football and other sports card categories.

Here's an excerpt from the page that breaks down the transaction fees:

Want It Got It Exchange

Buy and sell with Confidence again

Wigix is the new way to buy and sell online. It's a socially-driven marketplace, where you can communicate with like-minded collectors and traders. Get a live pricing history for each item and negotiate prices intelligently. Social communication encourages informed buying.

Stop buying in a Web 1.0 world, and start buying with the strength of your friends and fellow owners!

Make money without having to sell a thing

Our catalog is constantly updated by members like you! If you add or perfect item descriptions in our catalog, you earn a piece of its revenue.
Learn more!

Keep Fees at Bay

Stop guessing your fees. Wigix doesn't aim to gouge its members.

For items sold between $25 and $100, we ask for a buck and a half from both the seller and the buyer.

We ask for an additional 2% of the portion above $100 from the seller if the price goes over $100.

If the price goes over $1000, we ask for an additional 1% of that portion.

For items below $25, we charge nothing!

Stop letting other marketplaces chip away at your profits with multiple fees. Wigix asks for no listing fees, and has no hidden fees.

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CraftersTN said...

I am currently the CE for "Football Trading Cards" at Wigix! I am setting up the categories and I'm going to include eTopps as well! It is a great venue so far, and the staff at Wigix have been extremely helpful!! If you want to join...just use the link below so I can refer you! (It makes me money from contests and other areas)!

(First, check out wigix, then if you like what you see, please use my referral link)! And soon you'll be able to trade your eTopps without getting ripped for fees!!