Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Autograph Offering: 2007 Cameron Maybin

After completely blowing the call on last week's David Wright auto I hesitate to yet again post that this week presents an offering that will stand the test of time (as in Thursday, Friday, Saturday) without a sellout. Unlike last week, Cameron Maybin is all potential and zero here and now. For David Wright has clearly arrived. My concern with David Wright last week was that he already had two cards offered and basically if you wanted an etopps auto of him you likely already had one.

With Cameron there is no doubt, you don't have an etopps auto yet. But if you are looking for investments in Cameron Maybin rookie autographs there are plenty to be had, in the mainstream, for lower prices and most have been graded. When Maybin was drafted #10 overall in 2005 collectors were ready. As soon as the presses started they got their Cameron Maybin Autographed rookie cards slabbed and graded and then sat waiting to make a mint as as this talented center fielder caught fire. Only, the fire was put out with more than a few whiffs and with a disappointing batting average Cameron fell not only out of the majors but didn't even stop at Triple A. In fact, although his average has risen and anyone sitting on a stack of Cameron Maybin rookies will point out his average right now is really good - maybe even better than David Wright's. The only difference is Cameron is swinging for the fences in Carolina (that is AA Carolina). This follows his 2007 stint in the majors where he hit .143.

But this is the world of autographs and cardboard so what's the verdict there? Still the same. There are 999 etopps of Maybin in his rookie year. There are ten people looking to sell 1 or more Maybins on Card Target and one lone offer to buy. There are 5 more for sale on Ebay and the really telling tale is although this goes on sale tomorrow, you can buy this card for less than you could a couple of weeks ago. Generally, once the auto is announced and until the actual offering the price goes up as people buy for the autograph. Since this one is actually down it appears that the only reason this AA Minors all star was trading at $14 was because some folks hoped to sell what they had when the autograph was announced. Well it is announced and Maybin may-of-been a good idea last year but I'm not paying for a former first rounder who three years later sits in Double A. Feel free to prove me wrong on this one, I liked the David Wright, just thought there were other options, this one though is not for me. BSTEE

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