Monday, September 15, 2008

Autograph Offering: Anthony Gonzalez

It's too bad etopps didn't continue to include the back of the card with the autograph scan. I thought it was a nice touch last week for the Namath auto.

Up for grabs is the first rookie autograph offering for Thursday, September 18th at 3pm EST.

For only $44.99 each, you can order up to 3 of these. The total quantity is an even 100. And judging by the appearance of the scanned signature, I can see why none were rejected. It's a fresh, clean autograph that's only missing his jersey number next to his name.

I'm not bullish on this first autograph. Gonzalez does a good job as one of Peyton's weapons but I would have chosen another rookie to start the football autograph season. For the price, it's not bad. His Exquisite rookie patch auto sold recently on ebay for $117.90 with a print run of $99. But others haven't sold as well:
2007 UD Trilogy graded BGS 9.5/Auto 10.0 /99 went for only $3 more than etopps' offering.
2007 UD Premiere Auto Jersey /125 only $24.50.

The problem with this initial FB autograph offering during the football season is the good rookies were taken last year: Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch.

Who can we expect? JaMarcus Russell, Trent Edwards, Selvin Young, Brady Quinn and Calvin Johnson probably.

Will we have more Allen & Ginter Superbowl Champions after Joe Namath? And what about the veteran players? I'd love to see Tony Romo, Brett Favre, Aaron Rogers or Philip Rivers.

Or will etopps offer a few of the better rookies for this year like McFadden, Ryan or a rookie who hasn't made a statement yet.

I would rather save my money for something better than this autograph unless you like the Colts, Gonzalez, wide receivers, any auto offered by etopps. And good luck flipping this based on what other autos have sold for on ebay recently -- oh whoops, I almost forgot--this is etopps so any auto will sell out in minutes and will double your money on the flip on the 'bay.

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