Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WIGIX Update

An update is long overdue about the Want It Got It Exchange website or

Since introducing Wigix here, I have been doing some back and forth with the staff at wigix for setting up categories and what they call attributes (year of the card, player's name, specific things similar to ebay like grading, serialized, manufacturer, etc.).

For some reason, I wasn't getting notified by email when a Wigix staff member sent me an email in my Wigix inbox. Scrolling through the back-and-forth messages, a week would pass before they responded while other times it would take less than a day to get back to me on a question or submission I had.

At one point, there was a huge lag when I depended on my gmail inbox to tell me I had a message from the Wigix staff because it never came.

Since then, I have logged into my account almost every day. Yesterday I worked on the attributes as mentioned above and this morning I received an email notification in my gmail inbox that I had a message waiting for me in my Wigix account. Go figure.

Nevertheless, I hope we can start listing in-hands on Wigix soon, perhaps within the next week. Once this is a Go, I will post here and will list a few in-hands to see how it happens and will report back here how listing a card went.

Kudos to all of those who have signed up for Wigix. I appreciate your patience.

Enjoy the video:

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