Monday, January 12, 2009

Autograph Offering: Allen & Ginter SB Champ Tom Brady

It's Allen and Ginter week on the etopps website between this week's IPOs and this autograph offering of Tom Brady.

I think etopps did a better job at offering fewer and for less money than previous offerings from this set. Though the offering would have been sweeter if etopps was asking $99 rather than a penny less than $140.

This etopps in-hand seller has the once bitten twice shy attitude about this card. If I can't sell the Allen & Ginter Joe Montana autograph at cost on a 7 day auction, how am I expected to do more than cost on Tom Brady who's been out for the current season?

I don't think people are that willing to open their wallets to pay more than what etopps is asking. Maybe there are a lot of Tom Brady followers out there and we know from the quick sell-out of Wes Welker that there are a lot of Pats fans who buy etopps cards but at $140 this auto would be more of a hold that a sell considering the economy. Hold until the start of next season to see that Brady is back and see if his other cards are selling better. You can hope that the economy will turn a corner by then since the hobby has taken a beating this last quarter.

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