Monday, January 5, 2009

Autograph Offering: Wes Welker

Etopps first autograph offering of 2009 and for the fiscal quarter is Wes Welker this Thursday (1/7): 50 total at $29.99 each.

This offering is about as exciting as a glass of milk. Because Welker had a good post-season last year for a rookie, does he really deserve to be autographed and offered to us? Is Welker the last of the scrap pile from last year to be offered since the 08 football in-hands haven't arrived yet to be signed by Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco? Will etopps/topps get to sign "Matty Ice" before Upper Deck swoops down to claim his signature as their property?

Rather than offer any more sophomore-slumping rookies from last year, give us a big list of football players who haven't been offered that UD doesn't have first dibs on and let us vote on who we want, pick the top 5-8 vote-getters for next season and include the (much) better rookies from this season. This way everyone is happy, saved their money for another week. Isn't this worth the $1500 etopps makes from this autograph If it sells out?

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