Monday, March 9, 2009

Outside The Ebay Box

There are a lot of etopps in-hand sellers. How do you stand out from the pack? Customers have a lot of choices. What is it about you/your brand that makes them want to buy from you instead of them?

  • Make a video for each year/sport
  • Join sports collectibles discussion groups online
  • Form a meet-up group to trade in-hands in your area
  • Become an expert on etopps cards. Strive to be the go-to guy on the internet for etopps in-hands.
  • Sell your etopps cards off ebay…like Amazon.
  • Research a niche that incorporates etopps cards (team, sport, collectibles, player, year, encased cards)
  • Have a contest to give away etopps cards. Idea: give away an etopps card in your town/city to the first person that has the same first name or last name as the player you’re giving away. Make the announcement each week (make sure it’s the day/time is consistent each week to help make it more viral)
  • Show off/sell your etopps in-hands at your local street fair/festival
  • Knock your customer’s socks off with customer service skills
  • Create a business page on facebook
  • Create a page on myspace and friend everyone in the sports/sports collectible industry on myspace and keep them informed of everything pertaining to you and etopps
  • Post interesting tidbits about etopps on twitter.
  • Have athletes sign your cards. If they say anything complimentary about their etopps card, ask to quote them on your website.
  • Offer free shipping on single cards
  • If you have web design skills/software, create new etopps designs and send them to Mark. Have your customers vote on which ones they like the most.
  • Offer discounts on multiple card orders
  • Idea: Get permission from Mark on this – using zazzle or cafĂ© press, place the etopps image of your favorite or best-selling card on a t-shirt, (even cooler back of the card on the back of the shirt). If the player is active, go to a game that the player is in to promote it…don’t forget business cards if you do this.
There are a lot of things you can try. You may fail but don't let that discourage you. Just try something else from this list or come up with something on your own. Share it here if it works.

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