Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Autograph Offering: Yovani Gallardo

Other than Zack Greinke, I couldn't think of a better pitcher to offer for an autograph right now. Kudos to etopps for the timing and price of this auto.

At the price offerings for these past three autos, it's a monetary relief that they are doing this now. It'll be interesting what will happen if they offer autographs higher than $50 or at $99.99 or more. I still think they should get the high-end autos out of the way or offer a schedule of who they will be offering even if it's two weeks in advance.

Looking at completed auctions for 2007 Gallardo autos, most of them were sticker autos from Bowman. Ones that were out of 199 sold for $50+. It may be safe to say this auto could be valued well over $100 because Gallardo is hot and the market is saturated with stickers autos.

Not sure why etopps stopped showing what the autograph looks like. Sure it's not good for the pre-sells on ebay but it's not difficult to recall some poor quality signatures, most recently Terry Bradshaw.

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