Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Autograph Offering: Justin Masterson

Kudos goes to etopps for offering autographs every other week to make it easier for etopps members' wallets. I presented the dilemma of offering high-end autographs vs. low-end autographs at the beginning of the baseball season in light of our economy and the road etopps has chosen seems to be working. IPOs are selling out and so are the autographs so far. As stated in a previous post, the other shoe may drop later in the season, after the all-star break, when wallets are exhausted.

This Thursday, 200 2008 Masterson autos are being offered at $29.99 each and you can buy a maximum of 3 per account.

So is this reasonable? As of this writing, there are only 14 active listings and a bunch of ebay store offerings. Most of the 14 listings are auctions, and so are the completed auctions. $29.99 is about what they're selling for at the close of auctions on average with sticker autos going for $10-$15 on average. For a relief pitching prospect, not bad.

Add another $10 to its value for the etopps "halo effect" (COA, on-the-card auto) and at least another $5 the fact that it's a Red Sox and a rookie card.

I would stop here but there's something else to consider. Trade rumors are flying around already. Big Pappi is falling apart. What if Masterson is on another team by the time you get this autograph in the mail?

Something to think about.

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