Friday, June 26, 2009

The Next Autograph

For the last several Mondays I, like others, have refreshed the homepage of the etopps website around noon, expecting to see the next autograph offering pop up. But each time, the IPOs show up at 1PM instead.

The last one (Masterson) took a bit of time to sell out. Doing a biweekly offering makes sense to keep everyone interested without hurting their wallets but after so many weeks, you would expect them to resume the biweekly schedule since it's now looking more like a monthly schedule.

I think the next autograph will tell us what's going on. Either we're going to be offered something big (as if they wanted to prepare our wallets for this) or the same low priced offering will continue.

I don't think a higher-priced offering will be a problem considering the money being made from this year's baseball offerings so far.

The only other possibility I can think of for the hiatus is the focus on getting signatures for this fall's football season. We don't know whether etopps is so scaled down that Mark is getting the autos himself or someone else is doing this for etopps. It's just a hunch considering the fact that a lot of the autographs come with COAs that show the date of the signature occurred months before the offering.

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