Monday, May 17, 2010

Autograph Offering: 2009 Rick Porcello

Tomorrow etopps will sell an autograph of a 2009 RRO Rick Porcello, an up-and-coming pitcher for the Detroit Tigers at $29.99 each. 99 will be offered tomorrow starting at the usual time of 3PM. The unusualness in the offering is it's a Tuesday. I can't remember the last time etopps offered an autograph on a Tuesday.

You would think etopps would offer something tastier than a Porcello if they started promoting the auto on the homepage before the weekend.

If etopps will be providing a limited number of autographs this baseball season, either they are not doing right by offering them so quickly; but if they have a lot more to go, they're mixing the quality of players up.

I do like how this player signs this card. His signature reminds me of the manufactured autos on all of my Topps baseball cards in the late Seventies and early Eighties.

So is this auto worth it? According to ebay completed transactions, you're not likely to make a good flip on this unless Porcello does something unusual. This is the best listing in the last two weeks. Not very encouraging, considering anything asked higher than this auction didn't have any bids and this one only had 1 bid.

Buy it for your collection, if you're a Tigers fan, like the idea of taking risk for $30, have intentions to have it graded for its auto or have the same last name as this pitcher.

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