Friday, May 7, 2010

Autograph Offering: T-206 Cal Ripken Jr

With 50 that will be taken out of port for this bargain of an autograph, it's pretty obvious that later today (3PM EST) the T-206 Cal Ripken card will be the short print of the commemorative (and successful) 2009 T-206 reprint set.

This is the second time etopps is offering an autograph for a Cal Ripken Jr. card. The last one was in September of 2005 for $129 (total quantity 99).

Similar to when etopps offers an IPO of a hot player that doubles or even triples in value a day or two after allocation, this is a gift to etopps members.

Even if Ripken is not your favorite, there are not many reasons not to have a Ripken autograph in your collection.

At $89, it's a great investment of a great player that's great to pass down to your children when they can understand the value of autographs and the value that Ripken brought to the game before steroids plagued it.

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