Monday, June 30, 2008

Free Training To Sell Etopps In-Hands

When I was in college, I wanted to get a job in my college town as a waiter. I thought I could earn big bucks in tips so I could save up for spring break.

I remember walking down down College Avenue and saw a few wait staff positions available so I would walk in and apply. Each time I was asked the same question: do you have any experience waiting on tables?

No, I would say. But I was willing to learn.

Sorry, they would say. You have to have waiting experience to apply.

Long story short I did get a job at one of these a dishwasher.

I tell this story because selling etopps in-hands can be tricky without experience. I'm sure you've been served at a restaurant by a waiter or waitress who you could tell was new - nervous, worried, scattered, etc.

So as a new seller of etopps in-hands, you can either pretend you have the experience or get it for free by volunterring at next month's National in the etopps booth. You will be trained and you will learn how to sell these cards from the bottom up. And this invaluable experience will give you the confidence to do this on your own.

Being able to sell these cards under experienced etoppers' supervision is priceless. We did our first card show months after econ 2.0 (2003). I'm sure any of us would have given this a go if he we hadn't acquired the experience at the National that summer.

You will be reading future blog posts from me about selling these cards but they will not be as helpful as the crash course you will get in Chicago.

So if you do not have a reason why you should go to this year's econ, I hope this has inspired you. Here are other reasons why you should go:
  • You get to put a face to a name from the message board. Most everyone calls each other by their message board name. You'd be surprised how many come to each year's econ who post very little on the message board.
  • You get to meet people who are cool.
  • If you collect any kind of sports memorabilia, bring a drool bag to the National.
  • You can see how in-hand cards are presented, pitched and sold from start to finish.
  • You get free stuff as a thank you for volunteering at the etopps booth as well as more free stuff for registering and attending the econ.
  • You can win more free stuff (in-hands, Topps sealed hobby boxes, uncut sheets of etopps in-hands) in the raffle at the econ.
  • You can meet the captain of the SS Etopps: Commander Mark Sapir and his crew.
  • You can meet the guest speaker who has not been determined yet. Last year, the guest speaker was freakin' Bob Feller, the oldest living Hall of Famer.
If cost of the trip is an issue, you can sell a good chunk of the free stuff you will get to offset the cost. I have easily broken even from the econ trips I've taken to National at Cleveland, Chicago and Anaheim.

The hotel will probably cost more that the airfare depending on how many days you are there. Consider sharing your room with another etopper (or two).

In summary, what you will gain will far outweigh the costs for this trip to Chicago.

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