Thursday, December 4, 2008

Auto Offering: A&G Terry Bradshaw

Finally Terry Bradshaw is being offered. It was listed as a prize (or two) in the pigskin challenge earlier this football season and the wait has been long, after two other Allen and Ginter Superbowl Champion autographs (the two Joes).

We are now halfway through the Superbowl Champions set for autographs. It looks like etopps is keeping its word after the voting took place at this summer's econ in favor of these cards getting signed.

Methinks the last one or two of these will be offered deep in the playoffs and possibly the last one days before the Super Bowl.

As mentioned already, this is being offered later than expected. And it is also being offered later than expected for some reason. At first auto offerings occurred at noon EST until there was a glitch in the auto pilot programming at etopps for one particular auto that got pushed back three hours and has stayed that way ever since. And now this auto has been pushed forward a day and so has the homepage announcement. So will this be a new trend: homepage announcement on Tuesdays and the offering on Fridays? I think we'll see next week.

I think Friday would be a better choice. Fridays are usually paydays for people and having money in their pockets may encourage people to buy the autos. From my experience I have more sales on Fridays than other days of the work week. Sometimes I don't get paid until Friday if someone has purchased or won an auction from me on ebay on a Sunday and other times I have had people tell me they will pay me on Friday...after they get their paycheck.

So at $149.99 a pop (total 50) is this auto worth it from an ebay seller's pov? Two things don't look so good for this. The price and the quality of the signature. It looks scrunched and the pen too thick. Terry Bradshaw isn't a short name, 13 characters if you don't include a space (which he didn't).

We've seen between a FB Classic and the AG, the FB Classic sold out for Joe Montana and the secondary market has not been kind so far for autos from this set.

When you do a completed listing search on ebay for his name and the word auto, there's not much action going on. Signed jerseys and footballs are the high-end offerings that mostly do not sell.

The best listing that's equivalent to the auto offering on Friday is this link. It's a pretty good sale and the signature is on the card. What's nice is the numbering of the card is written: 08/50.

If you consider selling this card, I would hold off selling this as a pre-sell in hopes of getting a better signature than what etopps is showing on their website. If you use the available picture for a pre-sell, good luck.

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