Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Results From The Autograph Poll

By a landslide, John Beck gets the award for the worst autograph offering. It's possible etopps had Beck sign his etopps card prior to Chad Pennington getting signed. It wasn't a bad idea at the time to get his signature. Pennington has been known for his injuries that stymie him but this season has become an exception.

For a good part of the week whenever I checked the poll results I was expecting Brady Quinn to earn the Best Auto but Montana pulled through, getting 10 votes while Quinn came in third place behind Favre. My personal best was Favre. No one was expecting this offering since Favre hadn't shown up on the radar since the autograph program started. Perhaps it would have won the Biggest Surprise Auto if I had included this in the polls.

Bo Jackson looked like the easy winner for Best Valued auto but votes for Brandon Jacobs picked up and came close to a tie.

As a seller, the most disappointing autos were the Allen and Ginter Super Bowl Champions. While the hobby has loved every regular A & G baseball set since it started recently, etopps never caught on as the only A&G football cards out there and having a few of these autographed did not change interest in this set.

Many thanks to all who voted.

Season's Greetings.

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