Monday, January 21, 2008

Allen and Ginter Super Bowl Champions IPO info

Joe Montana PR: 999 $9
John Elway PR: 999 $8.50
Terry Bradshaw PR 749 $8.50

Considering these are the first Allen and Ginter football cards to be offered, they're a steal (think re-sell).

Not surprised they are not offering the delivery special of $9.99 yet. I'm pretty sure they will next week when they offer the next 3 (or 4?) to complete this set. If not, I'll be calling etopps customer support to find out why not. I'm pretty confident I won't have to since they offered the shipping discount for the last two Allen and Ginter sets.

I'm not even mentioning the Basketball IPOs since their in-hand market value is not anywhere near as strong on ebay as etopps football or baseball. Buying them at IPO is just asking to lose money since their secondary market value will decline by the time they're available for delivery.

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