Friday, January 18, 2008

What is Etopps?

This is an introductory's guide to eTopps cards. This is a starting point for understanding this sports card product.
  • The e in eTopps stands for electronic.
  • eTopps is the online division of the Topps Trading Card Company, the maker of sports cards and football cards and many other products.
  • Each card is encapsulated by Topps before it is removed from their storage facility.
  • The case that holds the card comes with with a tamper-proof hologram sticker on the bottom of the case. It is not recommended to purchase an eTopps in-hand card without this sticker or out of its case because it will not have much re-sell value. This sticker is part of what ensures that the card inside the case remains in genuine mint condition.
  • eTopps cards are considered a high-end super premium product in the sports-collecting hobby.
  • eTopps cards grade very well with Beckett Grading Service (BGS) or Professional Sports Authority (PSA). See population reports of popular eTopps rookie cards such as LeBron James or Tom Brady on the Becket website to get an idea how these will grade.
  • Among the ways to purchase these cards off-line are at local sports card shows or the annual National Sports Collectible Convention (NSCC).
  • These cards are uncirculated and are not available for purchase in packs

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