Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Etopps Announces Its Super Tuesday: Allen and Ginter Presidential Candidates

Following the Allen and Ginter Super Bowl Champions set, on Tuesday, February 5, eTopps will be offering Allen and Ginter Presiential Candidates at IPO.

Easy to guess from the picture to expect Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain being offered as well as all of the other candidates over a two or three consecutive week period.

Unless you're a political junkie, buying the set at IPO is a losing venture. By the time they are available for shipping, at least half of these candidates offered will have dropped out of the race which spells losing money. My guess is they will be either $9.99 or $12.50 each at 999 PR.

I would recommend choosing the candidate cards that you think will still be in the race by the time they are available for shipping. I'll probably be buying Obama and Hillary Clinton. Even if Hillary doesn't win, selling both President Clinton and Hillary together could work.

I would expect, with the baseball theme to this set, they will be available somewhere around April for delivery.

Bottom line:
  • Buy who you think will outlast the others by shipment date (approximately April)
  • Avoid the shipping special for all of the candidates if/when offered
  • Basketball doesn't make much money for etopps which is why these Allen and Ginter sets are being offered

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