Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Autograph Offering: Josh Hamilton

Etopps is now listing on their homepage an autograph offering of the 2007 Josh Hamilton RRO rookie card at $34.99 on May 1st at 3pm EST. 100 autographs will be offered.

It looks like etopps is confirming they are turning the page on a few things with this offering:
  • The time of the autograph offering will be only 3pm EST rather than alternate between 1pm and 8pm EST on Thursdays.
  • RROs have been offered as of late so this may be a continuing trend.
  • Even though etopps produced a 2001 Josh Hamilton when he was on the Devil Rays, current etopps management will not look back. (Though this was already confirmed when they issued this card as an RRO last year.)
While this card will most likely sell-out since it's only $5 more than the Fred Lewis offering. It may do better than what etopps is offering on the flip.

But what about the long-term for sellers?

The hard thing to sell about this card is the team he's on. He's now on the Texas Rangers and this card shows him on the team he played for last year.

Does Josh Hamilton have enough of a fan-base to follow him from the Reds to the Rangers to make this an appealing autograph to buy? He was the feel-good media story of the first half of last season. It was easy to find a print article about how he rehabilitated himself from drugs.

Since April 12th, Josh Hamilton's autographed cards have a pretty good success rate on ebay. The chase is his 1999 Topps Traded autographed card. Graded, it sold for $255.

But anything after 1999, you'll be lucky to sell it for more than double of what etopps is offering. I wouldn't recommend a low asking price to get bid up unless you have a reserve. I would suggest a higher fixed price with best offer and see what happens.

Once again this is another etopps card of a player who's hype has come and gone.

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Anonymous said...

his hype may have gone, but his production sure hasnt, He is leading the AL in RBI with 32!