Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Autograph Offering: Philip Hughes

I just added a couple of things in the right column area, links to where you can sell etopps in-hands. If you know of other websites to sell in-hands, please let me know.
Also added to the right column is an ESPN news "widget" and a subscription area that has a drop-down menu to have this blog placed in your My Google, My Yahoo page and other blog-reading sites.

Finally etopps is offering another autograph after what seemed like a hiatus that lasted a little longer than expected, especially with the delay of the intial baseball IPOs until this week.

First up is Philip Hughes. (100 offered, $59, 4/11, 1PM EST) I was expecting Hughes' teammate Joba to be offered first. Unfortunately the Hughes wave of hype has crested already, right before he tweaked his hammy during a no-hitter possibility last season. Nevertheless being a Yankee will help this auto on the secondary market.

I wouldn't be surprised if this sells for double of what etopps is asking. At 100, it looks like Philip Hughes did a good job signing each and every one. I've read on the Beckett message board that he has posted there. If he does, I'm sure he knows about the quality and value of autographs.Comparing cardboard autograph sales on ebay to this one is tricky. The most coveted ones are by Bowman Chrome from 2004 while the ones from 2007 from any card company are measley in value.

So can a 2007 etopps autographed card of Philip Hughes (#100) with the signature on the card sell as well as a 2004 Bowman Chrome of Hughes that has a sticker autograph, is numbered to 400 and is selling at least $200 in the past month?

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