Monday, April 28, 2008

You Can Learn A Lot From The Fine Print

Store this link as a reference or as a favorite:

It is for reporting a listing violation on ebay.

It takes a few clicks on ebay to drill down to this link but it'll be worthwhile.

Over the weekend I saw quite a few listing violations. What surprised me from the drop-down list was being able to report a seller for copying the text or photographs from your listing. What surprised me even more was someone had done this to one of my lisitings. When reporting this kind of issue, you have to show word for word how your listing text was used (which is just a matter of copy and paste).

I had no idea about all of the possible listing violations on ebay until I went through this drop down menu.

So in case you don't know, here's rundown of some of them (and I'm sure you've seen a few of these)

Copying of your listings
Report your picture or description was copied or linked without permission
Someone copied text or pictures from another website or ebay user

Counterfeits and copyright violations
Potential trademark infringements
Bootleg and counterfeit media
Mod chips, game enhancers, and boot discs
Enabling duplication of copy-protected materials
Items or descriptions that encourage infringement
Other potential infringement
Ebay item infringes on your intellectual property rights
Fraudulent listings

Prohibited or Banned Items
(too many to list)

Listing Policy Violations
Circumvention of ebay fees (ie, offering merchandise for sale outside ebay)
Compilation and informational media (ie, pyramid schemes)
Excessive shipping and handling
Featured Listings (online auction enhancement software, weight loss products or services)
Feedback Related (offering to sell or purchase feedback)
Inappropriate Links and Credits
Inappropriate Seller Terms (Item listed for pre-sale that does not meet ebay guidelines)
Item Location Misrepresentation
Keyword spamming (Inappropriate or excessive use of terms not relevant to the item)
Misleading title (Intentionally misleading or deceptive titles - ie, using cardtarget voluntary stats for # of inhands available to the public)
No item offered for sale (invisible or intangible items, item description includes comments not relevant to the item or sale)

Other Listing Policy Violations
My favorites of the eight sub-types:
Miscategorized items
Listing more than 15 identical items
Hateful, discriminatory, or racial language in an item description

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