Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Justin Upton Autograph Offering on 4/17, 3PM EST

Due to the surge of fraudulent activity on the secondary market of online etopps cards, etopps put a link up on its homepage that went to this:

Important Message Regarding Fraudulent Activity on eTopps

We are aware of a recent increase in fraudulent activity when buying and selling eTopps cards. We have been working with our partners to minimize the fraudulent activity, to aggressively pursue fraudulent sellers and to ultimately create a safer buying/selling environment. We hope to have more news shortly, in the meantime if you have encountered fraudulent activity when buying and selling eTopps cards, please report the activity below. Please include as much information as possible regarding payment addresses, paypal information, and current transaction status. While we can't promise any specific outcomes or individual responses from your report, this system will allow us to keep a closer watch on the eTopps secondary market. It will also help keep eTopps safe for all of our users by having a central point of contact for potential security problems facing the community. Shilling reports, non paying bidders, and other eBay infractions should be reported directly to eBay. This page should only be used for reporting issues related to post-transaction problems that cannot be resolved by dealing directly with the other party.

Kudos to etopps for making us aware formally that they are aware of this and want something done about it. I've talked to Mark in the past and he has been aware of this but I think he's heard (or read) enough about the recent activity that this will at least this is a start. There's a box underneath this announcement to state what you've experienced with 512 characters to cover it.

If you're following baseball, it's hard to ignore all the talent with the D-Backs: Jackson, Young, Drew, Owings to name a few. At the top of the talent pool is the player card etopps is offering tomorrow at 3pm EST, Justin Upton. He's currently #9 in the Beckett home page top ten players collected right now. Before this RRO card was offered it was going for over $50 having a print run of 899. 100 will be offered tomorrow, more than 10% of the print run.

It's hard to think of a reason why you should not buy it. If you're invested in the upcoming fantasy games for his online card, you may want to pass on this.

Nevertheless, Justin Upton is like a young Ken Griffey Jr. Whether you sell or hold, you're not going to lose on this one. While his cards go back to 2004 with the Bowman Chrome AFLAC edition (now selling for $1.5K on ebay), his autographed cards are selling well, even his 2007 autographed cardboard. One of the highest selling autos is his 2006 Bowman Chrome Auto Gold Refractor /50 which last sold for $900.

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