Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Autograph Offering: 2007 David Wright

At 3:00 p.m. this Thursday, anyone who really wants one can log on to his (or her) etopps account and buy a David Wright autograph for the price of $59.99. I suspect anyone who really wants one can log in at 3:30pm on Thursday and buy a David Wright autograph, and while they are at it, if they forget until Friday, even though we are talking a decent name from the Big Apple, I suspect you can pick one up just about any time this weekend as well.

I could be wrong 0r I could be Wright (actually, I won't, I'll pass). All I know is that his last two offerings were for a little less cash and far fewer cards. His 2005 card saw 45 signed and his 2006 had just 37, yet his 2007 is going to be offered on 98 cards or more than doubling all of his prior autos. A quick look for any sales of the prior offerings shows one currently offered and while it has a couple of days left the price has been bid all the way up to $11.50. We all know how sniping works, but if this really was a hot ticket it would have already been moving. Instead it seems to be pricing about where the rest of David's regular autos seem to price and that is well under this offering price.

So the upside is clearly Wright is a very good player though not a superstar in collecting yet. He also plays in the biggest market but those are not Yankee pinstripes. And, even with a little bump up since last time a price of $59.99 is about what a good pack runs these days and if anyone pulled a David Wright I think they'd be happy. But for me, I am again passing on Topps offering of a third card with little chance...but feel free if you are a fan, it could still be a Wright move, just not one for me or for anyone but a Mets fan. BSTEE.

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