Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Autograph Offering: Dustin Pedroia

Tomorrow etopps will offer 100 autographed etopps cards of last year's AL Rookie of the Year, Dustin Pedroia at 3pm EST for $69.99.

Why now? His batting average is not that great and the offering would have been sweeter in the lag time between Alex Gordon and the rest of the baseball autographs we've seen so far this baseball season.

But this is etopps and every autograph has sold out so far, even last week's Ryan Howard. Since Dustin Pedroia is a Red Sox you can expect a sell-out within a few minutes.

I'm beginning to believe the consumers of these autographed etopps cards this baseball season will buy what they want without the slightest secondary market value hesitation.

If you are invested in flipping this card, your only hope is to sell to etopps members who will miss out on this one for whatever reason but I don't think you can double your money.

His rookie auto card, the 2004 Topps SP Prospects Auto sold10 dollars over what etopps is asking on ebay. If you spend $30 more, you can get his signature on a bat certified by Steiner.

Call me crazy but when some people are spending what you are paying for this auto on a full-tank of gas, you have to start thinking about whether this is worth the money right now or not.

As some people have indicated, a sell-out is a good thing for it's in-port value because 100 taken out of port means a print run of just 399 which is a pretty good thing.

I would recommend buying the card after the auto offering.

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