Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Autograph Offering: A&G Prince Fielder

This is an interesting offering, which may not mean a great deal, just interesting.

This Thursday you will have the opportunity to purchase a Prince Fielder etopps Autograph for a fairly reasonable price of $45. Where this just the third card of The Big Prince I would say it is an easy pass. Over a year ago 97 of his first year (2006) etopps cards were offered for a very fair price of $45. At that time his cards were really hot, now maybe tepid is is the word.

That card was a winner both at that time and even now as it was the first offering of the big Milwaukee slugger. That card could and still can be used in the contest, and though his average and even power is a bit off this year, he is still a good one to toss in to the contest when he plays 7 in a week. But this card is different, it is not a base card so no contest impact, it is not an early year, second year or even third year card so that is out. It is not exactly cheap but not any more expensive than the last time he was offered. So what makes this interesting????

This is the FIRST Allen and Ginter Autograph offering thus far. The auto run is only 45ct which means that whether the entire set is offered, most of the set is offered or only a fraction, anyone looking to collect the set is going to need one of the 45 offered here. At most there will be 45 A&G autographed sets, that's it and it all starts here.

While most etoppers are pure card collectors. They pass on the inserts and go right to the base card. That is why you buy at IPO, for the base cards, and this is not a base card it is as close as etopps gets to an insert. But, the A&G set is a beautiful set and even the least popular players have held up with print runs of 999.

So can you make money flipping an etopps Prince Fielder auto? Most likely not, right now. Anyone not on etopps is not going to be particularly interested in an autographed insert card. Anyone already on etopps is going to have a chance though the print run is small so maybe there could be a bit of a bump. But the best shot is after a few more of these A&G cards come out and the collectors pile on, then we could have a hot card....very interesting....BSTEE

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