Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Autograph Offering: Ryan Howard #3

The following review was provided by etopps member bstee.

This week’s autograph offering may be a pass except for true Ryan Howard fans. There seems to be little chance for success with this third autograph of the Phillies slugger. This week eTopps is offering the third shot at Howard with an autograph of his 2007 eTopps card (PR = 999), after quickly selling out previous offerings of his 2005 and 2006 cards for the same $99 price.

While Howard’s previous autographed cards are fairly rarely seen or offered on ebay this is most likely due to the very low total number signed. Between 2005 and 2006 there are only 50 autographed Ryan Howard eTopps in existence.

However, with this week’s offering this number quickly balloons by doubling this number with another 50 autographs. Many people who shelled out the $99 in January 2007 likely thought they were doing so because those would be Howard’s only eTopps autos. Also, at that time he was both slugging home runs (as he is now) but he was hitting well above his current .209 BA.

Unlike some of the recent offerings like Lincecomb and Chamberlain the 2007 card is relatively cheap, so the entire cost is in the autograph. The other two would set you back $55 - $70 for the card before even considering the auto’s cost.

So, if a third card/fourth year autograph of the second best-slugger on a pretty good team appeals to you and if you are not interested in any of the many cheaper eBay options, then go for it; just know you won’t make money on this one.

If you think that he’s going to start lighting it up again soon, then long before going for this one, consider his best rookie auto option which is far cheaper now than it was a couple of years ago – that being his 2003 Bowman’s Best.

Now that Ryan signed an exclusive Topps agreement last year, you can bet this won’t be your only chance to pay $99 for his autograph.

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