Monday, October 6, 2008

Autograph Offering: Brandon Jacobs

A few Nationals ago, I was wandering around the show and found a dealer who was having a blow-out sale, trying to get rid of as many cards as possible before hopping on the next plane out of Anaheim.

I went through his scattered pile and found a Brandon Jacobs rookie auto card. It was from Upper Deck and was a sticker card. At the time he was the t0-be-determined back-up to Tiki Barber on the Giants who was deemed too tall/big to be an effective running back beyond short-yardage gains to reach a first down or the end zone.

I bought the card anyway and it sat on a shelf above my desk for awhile. About a year ago, when Jacobs became a starter I tried selling this sticker auto two times before leaving it in my store with a best offer. Finally someone bought it for $10, a few dollars over what I had paid for it.

I think if I had it again and tried selling it again, I would have gone through the same thing.

Jacobs is underrated due to his size. He's more like a Larry Csonka than a Tiki Barber. Nevertheless, on ebay you're not going to find many of his autos over what etopps is asking for at $40 a pop (total qty 50). Even sticker autos half the print run won't go over this price.

So if you're a believer in a big-bruiser of a running back or a fan of Big Blue, go bonkers and buy one. Just don't expect much from ebay in return for the time being...and don't forget the lovely COI (certificate of issuance) that will be included with the card.

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Auctionbytes, an online newsletter about auctions and ecommerce, just did a positive write-up on Bonanzle that sums up the ecommerce site as simple to use
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I don't do this often enough: here's a good example of an item description of a listing for a 2007 Adrian Peterson autographed in-hand. The seller did not have the COA for the autograph and did a nice job handling this in the listing

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