Monday, October 20, 2008

Autograph Offering: Greg Olsen

Thank you for participating in last week's poll. Some were in favor of offering autographs of players during their off-season while others did not want to change when the autographs became available. And it appears I am in the minority on sticker autos which I can get over.

I appreciate the comments submitted by Jeff and welcome discussion for any posts past or present.

* * *

On Thursday, etopps is offering the autograph of Greg Olsen's 2007 rookie card for $39.99 each. The total quantity is 96. Etoppers can buy up to 3 of these starting at 3pm EST.

If you are a Bears fan, a collector of etopps autographs, a collector of autographs on-the-card rather than stickers, or a fellow alumni of Olsen's school (Miami), this is a great autographed rookie card to own.

But don't get your hopes up for making a profit on this card on ebay. Unless you live in the Chicago area and you're a card show seller, the asking price for this card is about the max of what you can sell it for on ebay. So it's a break-even situation.

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