Thursday, October 30, 2008

From Ebay: Etopps In-Port Auctions Are A Violation

After the last post, I phoned ebay in hopes of getting a hold of someone.

I got through and explained the situation, the difference between in-hand and in-port, that these are freakin' sports cards, that this will effect hundreds of people who sell these cards, that I have no control over the template for the listing.

It didn't matter.

Bottom line is these are digitally deliverable goods and should be listed as classified ads not as auctions according to their policy (which has been in effects for months).

So until etopps adjusts the template, I would end my listings if I were you. You can try to get away with not being detected until Sunday but I don't see what the gain is to being a sitting duck.

But there's a problem. No one is going to pay $9.95 to list an etopps card. While you can name your price and it's a buy-it-now. This listing fee is absurb.

So what's gong to happen? Will we be able to continue to list etopps cards as auctions? Will they be listed as classified ads? Is this the last straw between etopps and ebay? Or is it time for the Big Brown Truck?

As TO once said, "Bring your popcorn."

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