Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Up & Coming Secondary Market: Bonanzle

I just added a new addition to the list of secondary markets on the right.

In search of alternatives to ebay as a user-friendly secondary marketplace, in a blog I subscribe to here's a good write-up about Bonanzle. Like all competitors of ebay, it's small in comparison but it's growing fast. Unlike Wigix where you have to create a template in order to either buy or sell an item, you can start selling by simply importing your ebay listings on Bonanzle.

When someone clicks on one of your listings, they see all of your listings in your booth (Bonanzle's version of an ebay store).

Listings are free with up to four photographs for the item.

Fees apply to final values:

Final Offer Value 1Fee
Less than $10$0.50
Less than $50$1
Less than $100$3
Less than $1000$5
$1000 or more$10

Another nice thing is you can accept Google Checkout as a payment along with paypal.

I found 16 listings for etopps when I typed in this word in their search box.

If you decide to register and list in-hands (or anything imported from ebay), post here what it was like for you.


Bill said...

Hello and thanks for the mention!

If you'd like a prettier version of our logo, check out this page:


No Brainer Bargains said...

You're welcome. I replaced the image I used with one on the page you linked.

renagade said...

Bonanzle IS one of the sites to watch for sure!! I have never seen a site grow like this!

Come on over to see what its all'll be glad you did!

Anonymous said...

Bonanzle is simply the best. I've sold on many many sites throughout the years and the ease of use, increasingly growing traffic/sales and friendliness of the community is wonderful. I am also thrilled with Bill & Mark who are always prompt in replying and addressing any concerns. The site has just upgraded their servers so selling and shopping is lightning fast and most importantly... loads of fun!